About Health Gene Limited

“The key to a better future is now.”

Health Gene Limited was founded in 2015. Our vision is to provide customised healthcare solutions to families and individuals.

“Accurate and timely diagnosis is the key to better health.”

Our work can be traced back to 2003. Years of experience and research has enabled us to deliver accurate, clinically-proven medical products and services to people from different ages and backgrounds. We have expanded into the following areas since 2016:

  • Diagnostics & Imaging

  • Blood Center

  • Genetic Analysis and Cell Therapy

  • Vaccinations

  • Medical Cosmetology

“Turning information into action. Prevention is our best defense.”

The first step to a better, healthier life is good health. Our cutting-edge technologies can help you keep track of your health at any stage and make better decisions in life. Accurate information is the key for effective health management.


Health Gene Limited was established in 2015. Our diversified services operate through clinic, MedTec Medical Laboratory Centre, Research and Pharmaceutical facility, situated in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok and Hong Kong Science Park. We strive to connect patients, providers, pharmacists and manufacturers for an integrated medical service catering to all.