Our HPV DNA Genotyping Test offers:

  • 35 types of HPV
  • Includes doctor’s explanation of the report


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Why do you need this HPV test?

HPV infection can be fatal

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the name of a group of viruses that includes more than 200 types. Around 40 of these viruses infect the genital area of men and women, leading to genital warts. It is also associated with other types of genital cancers.

According to the National Cancer Institute (NIH), HPV causes the following cancers: 

  • Oropharyngeal cancers (Around 70% in the US are caused by HPV)
  • Anal Cancer (Over 90% in the US are caused by HPV)
  • Penile Cancer (Around 60% in the US are caused by HPV)
  • Cervical Cancer (Almost all cases in the US are caused by HPV)
  • Vulvar Cancer (Around 70% in the US are caused by HPV)
  • Vaginal Cancer (Around 75% in the US are caused by HPV)

HPV is highly contagious

Some HPVs are ‘high-risk’ types as they can cause cancers. Others are ‘low-risk’ types and can cause genital warts. Studies suggest that up to 75% of all sexually active people will eventually be infected with HPV sometime in their lives. Most people who become infected with HPV do not have symptoms and the infection clears on its own. Cervical cancer may develop if there is a persistent infection of the high-risk HPV.

Source: NIH

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